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Compressor Kit with CP45 and Dump Valve

Price: US$ 504.00
Item Number: 903508
Manufacturer: Salvarani
The 12 VDC Compressor Kit turns on and off automatically at the desired cut-in and cut-out set point (22 psi differential).  The enclosure makes it ideal for outdoor use.  It can be used where a pressurized tank is needed (such as an air brake leakage compensator, line marker, striper, sprayer, air bag suspensions). 

Dimensions: 14" L  x  8." W x 10" H                  Weight:  15 lbs


·         12 volt Piston Compressor CP45

·         adjustable Pressure Switch (22 psi differential)

·         check valve at the air outlet

·         enclosure with mounting brackets

·         6 ft of power supply cable with fuse

·         Dump valve available to empty all the air in the line

 Air Outlet is a 5/16” Female quick connect

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